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RE: Electrical problem, 73 Midget

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Subject: RE: Electrical problem, 73 Midget
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 13:47:22 -0400

Start with one problem at a time.  You may just have a bad starter or
starter relay or no current to the starter.  Don't worry about the lights
for now.  Check that you have current at the starter first.

A 12volt test light can be purchased at any auto store for about 5 bucks or
less, get one (if you don't have one).  Get one with a clip on one end and a
wire attaching a probe with a light bulb in the handle.

Clip the clip to a GOOD ground on the car and check the starter relay on
both sides, (where the line from the positive lead from the battery attaches
and the lead that goes to the starter) the light should light up on one side
with the key off (battery side) and will light up on both sides with the key
on.  If it dosen't light on both sides with the key on then either the relay
is bad or there is a problem in the ignition circut.

Get the starter turning and then check for spark at the points and plugs.

The electrical stuff can get really confusing if you try to do it all at one
time.  Solve one problem at a time and start with getting the engine

Let me know what you find and maybe I can walk you through the balance of
the troubleshooting....

Kevin V.

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As I slowly work through all the stuff on my midget, I find out, that it
should be good to start....
So I put my new key in the ignition and turn it.......nothing.
I try the lights, still nothing, I try the signals, nothing, I try the
windshield wiper's, hey they work, so does the windshield washer, WOW
something works, but nothing else.  Now the windshield wipers will not stop
I also noticed, when I turn the key forward with the windshield wipers on,
they stop, and then as the key goes back to position 2 they start again.

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