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Re: [midgetsprite] Re: Magnetic sump plugs

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Subject: Re: [midgetsprite] Re: Magnetic sump plugs
Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 17:05:35 -0500
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OK, I'll bite.... wouldn't it be best, and allow the use of the least 
powerful (read cheaper) magnet, to have it placed where there is no flow 
and the oil spends most of its time "settling" or at most sloshing rather 
than flowing at 40+ PSI and travelling at a reasonable velocity?
         I'd go for the oil pan, personally
Peter c
At 04:43 PM 6/6/2002, Guy Weller wrote:
>I started this exchange, questioning the worth of using a magnetic
>sump plug. Apart from suggesting that a magnet "in the oil stream" at
>or near the filter might be more effective, I also questioned if use
>of a magnet might actually magnetise some of those metal particals so
>that they would then attach themselves somewhere else where they are
>definately not wanted! Using super-strong magnets on the filter could
>be going the wrong way!!
>Not much discussion (if any) on this part of the theory.
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>Subject: RE: Magnetic sump plugs
> > Indeed, John...
> >
> > A magnet in the "stream" just prior to the
> > filter (or "magnetized" oil filter) would definitely be the way the
> >
> > Of course, a "magnetized" filter would probably have EPA disposal
> > issues, I suppose. Dumping these things in droves
> > would probably take the earth out of orbit
> > or something, right? <vbg>
> >
> > Ordered my "rare earth" magnets "on line"
> > yesterday (for attaching to filter). This
> > DOES seem the best way to go with what
> > I know at this point in time, together with
> > the magnetic sump plug.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > Cap'n. Bob
> >     '60 :{)

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