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Introduction and a question

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Subject: Introduction and a question
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 08:13:58 -0400
First, let me introduce myself as I have been lurking for a week but have not
posted.   I live in Valdosta, Georgia and have just bought a 1979 Midget.  It
has already gone to the shop to have its slave cylinder rebuilt.  It should
come out to day and that leads me to my question:  It has 67k original mile
and the previous owner did not drive it very often.  I know that to keep it
running well I need to drive it often and down here, as long as its not too
hot, it can be driven all year long.  What suggestions do you have as far as
initial maintenance and getting it safely roadworthy?   The mechanic is going
to change the oil and give it a lube job before I pick it up.  Thanks for the
suggestions.  By the way, are there any shows/events upcoming in the South
Georgia, North Florida, L.A. (lower Alabama) area?

Best regards,

Matthew R. Lawrence

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