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Re: Introduction and a question

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Subject: Re: Introduction and a question
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 11:13:12 EDT
In a message dated 6/13/02 8:12:34 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
mlawrence@datasys.net writes:

> .  What suggestions do you have as far as
> initial maintenance and getting it safely roadworthy?   

Welcome, Matthew:

I drive a '79 Midget as well.  I am in East Tennessee, near Knoxville.  My 
1500 has been completely detoxed, and I am running a Weber DVAG carb and 
Crane XR700 electronic ignition.   

Glad to hear you got such a low milage Midget.  It sounds like it should 
serve you well.  One thing--keep the front suspension well lubed.  The 
Kingpin swivels at the bottom of the suspension on a fulcrum pin.  These have 
a nasty habit of wearing out due to the pivoting action of the pin inside the 
bushings.  You can assist the process by regularly squirting some grease into 
the joint.  Also, it helps to have a zerk fitting installed in the rear of 
the fulcrum pin bushings--thre is already one in the front.  That helps to 
get grease to both ends of the pin.

Check the transmission oil and top it up if it needs it.  

If you ever pull the engine to do internal work on the engine, it is a good 
idea, too, to have the rear thrust washers pinned in place, as the 1500 has a 
reputation for spinning this washer out, with bad results.  A machine shop 
can readily do this job, and insert brass pins to hold the thrust washer in 

Other than that, about any maintenance you would do on any other car is about 
what you should do on your Spridget.

--David C.

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