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Re: Introduction and a question

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Subject: Re: Introduction and a question
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 06:56:45 EDT
In a message dated 13/06/02 8:12:34 AM, mlawrence@datasys.net writes:

<< What suggestions do you have as far as
initial maintenance and getting it safely roadworthy?   The mechanic is going
to change the oil and give it a lube job before I pick it up.  >>

My 79 loves to have its oil changed at least twice a year and lube the front 
end at least that often.   Watch your oil pressure since the 1500 engine's 
weak spot is the lower end of the engine and a drop in oil pressure has had 
severe consequences.  I have a weber downdraft and headers on mine, it runs 
great in any weather and I drive
it all year round unless there is snow, ice or heavy rain.  Good luck and 
welcome to the list, there are many very knowledgable people here to help.
John Poynton
Social Studies Department
Girls Track Coach
Academy Park High School
Sharon Hill PA 19079
610-522-4330 ext 143

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