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To: Ron Soave <soavero@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: New car...
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 11:00:23 -0700
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Let's all hear it now for Racing Ron!  Hooray!  Hooray!

Paul A

Ron Soave wrote:

> Finally did it - last night Sidewinder Schulz and I
> came to terms on his vintage race-prepared Bugeye
> (thanks to Greg - he really helped me out with a great
> deal).  Depending on the kindness and availability of
> friends, I hope to pick it up on Saturday.  The car is
> essentially ready to go, but (assuming there are no
> nearterm driving school sessions I can attend) I
> intend to go through it inch by inch, make it as good
> as I know how within the rules/budget (now I
> appreciate my buddy The Engine Nazi for his race car
> engine rebuilding skills he tried to pass on to me),
> and be ready for next season. I may try autocrossing
> it a bit in the nearterm to get the feel of the car.
> No more spectating for me!!!!!!  Thanks to all the
> Thickos for keeping my juices flowing (yes, I was
> salivating, not drooling).
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> Ron Soave
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> "Summer's here and the time is right - we're going racin' in the street."
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