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Re: Advice on locations- no LBC- Jacques Le Clainche

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Subject: Re: Advice on locations- no LBC- Jacques Le Clainche
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 12:57:11 -0500
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Ajhsys@aol.com wrote:

> Well, there's nothin' in Texas but steers and que...well, nevermind.

Moo, Moo, Buckaroo!!!

> But here in the Philly area we have the Philadelphia MG Club, which is very
> active.  We also have the Philly Region of the SCCA, which has all sorts of
> events for sports cars.  The SVRA is active all around the area for vintage
> racing.  You will be in relatively close proximity to many tracks and all
> kinds of car related events, including hillclimbs and autocross.

There is the Texas Motor Speedway in Bryan/College Station where E and Fisher
have a race car on a regular basis, David Littlefield is in Houston and can fill
in more about other activities in the south Texas area.

> Also, our very own listers, Frank Clarici and chuck christ, each live about 90
> minutes from Philly, and                  (Larry Macy is even closer!)

The Macy comment is supposed to HELP your argument?!?!!??


> Everything in Texas is a coupla hundred miles from where you are.  :-)  They
> also have poisonous snakes and the temperature is 150 deg, from the middle of
> January to the middle of December.

But that gives us alot longer time to enjoy our LBC's. No salty roads and that
kind of stuff. I put the top on sometime in November and take it off around mid

> At least that's what I've heard.  Other than that, it is very dusty.

Austin is in the Texas Hill county, very green and pretty, go down and check it
out. There are several listers in the area that can show you the joys of some of
the roads less traveled in an LBC.........

> I better shut up now!


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