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Re: Engine out

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Subject: Re: Engine out
Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2002 10:26:37 -0400
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Let me (us) know how the new flywheel works out.  I am thinking about one
for my driver/project car.  Dad says they will help in acceleration.  I am
looking for all the "bolt on" parts that will help in this field...without
lowering the dependability factor.  I wanna keep it a "driver".

Thanks in advance & good luck!!!

Rob Valentine

on 6/21/02 10:33 PM, Frank Clarici at spritenut@Exit109.com wrote:

> Tonight I took my engine out. It took me 45 minutes because it took time
> to remove the Speedwell nose and all the wiring.
> I put my new aluminum flywheel on it, cleaned it, changed the water pump
> and painted it up. If it wern't for the paint being still tacky, it
> would be back in.
> I found the worst ring gear I ever saw and it still worked fine.
> Missing 8 teeth, another 12 or so were so far smashed, it's a wonder the
> starter had anything to catch.
> this engine is out atleast once a year, the ring gear looked OK last
> year. I guess it's a bad starter eating it up. So I cleaned and painted
> a starter too, detailed the alternator (all apart and painted) Powder
> coated a few bits for under the bonnet, and have to devise a quick
> release plug for my wiring on the Speedwell nose. maybe next time on the
> wiring.

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