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RE: Hardtop Installation

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Subject: RE: Hardtop Installation
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 20:45:27 -0700
Gerard and David:  Thanks!  I found the parts on my current Moss catalog
(page 138 of SPM-0204).  Thank you both for the quick response!!  I'll order
those and see how this thing fits.  Dumb question -- I trust all the softtop
goodies come out before the hardtop goes on, right?

I need to restore the rubber and replace the rear window, but the top's in
pretty good shape and actually looks okay on the Midget.

Thanks again!


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There is an "L" shaped bracket (well, sort of) that attaches to the three
bolts that hold the top frame in place. A single bolt holds the two
brackets together.


Bill, my hardtop for my 1974 attaches just behind the B-post using the
brackets for the tonneau bar. Moss # 402-565 on page 130 of catalog spm-13.
I had the same puzzlement when I  first attached mine. Found the brackets on
a spare shell I had. If you looked at the Windblocker that someone mentioned
last week, it attached via the same brackets.
David Lieb
Chicagoland MG Club

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