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Sprite Spree 03 #1

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Subject: Sprite Spree 03 #1
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 07:04:48 -0400
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SpriteSpree 03  Correspondence # 1, (6-28-02)

Here is the first update correspondence on SpriteSpree'03.  Direct any
comments or questions to Rick Moses at austinhealeysprite@juno.com The next
correspondence will be in about two weeks.
SpriteSpree 03 is definitely a go at this time.  I promised everybody I
would let you know how negotiations are going with the Holiday Inn and
Convention site by today, 6-28-02.  The sales and  management department is
very cooperative with all of our needs and desires.
I appreciate all the commitments sent by e-mail and telephone to attend
SpriteSpree 03 !!!!!  Please keep sending these tentative commitments so I
have a complete list of people and cars that are planning to attend this
Please contact me by e-mail  (austinhealeysprite@juno.com) with your
commitment to SpriteSpree 03 as soon as possible.  Space will be limited
and first to sign up will be first chosen to attend our events.    I need
your name, address, telephone number, the days you will tentatively need
accommodations and how many will be joining us for our Monday evening
English Pub adventure (50 limit), Tuesday evening's theme wine & cheese
party by in the tropical forest (100 limit), and if you will be attending
the farewell banquet Thursday evening (200).  I will try to see if I can get
the limits to our events raised so more people can enjoy this Meet.
Everybody will want to know what car's you will be bringing so let me know
that too.  NO MONEY NEEDED NOW, JUST A COMMITMENT that, Lord willing you
will be at SpriteSpree 03 with us.
I will address all frequently asked questions with these Correspondences.
Thank you all for your input.  Do not be shy about letting me know what you
are thinking so we can have the biggest and best Sprite Meet ever in 2003.
See the FAQ's end of this correspondence letter.

Rick Moses
E-mail: austinhealeysprite@ juno.com
Toll Free Phone Call (within the United States):      (888) 5 SPRITE that is
(888) 577-7483
Address: 1421 E. Chocolate Avenue, Hershey, PA 17033-1165

Whom: For all sport scar enthusiasts
What: SpriteSpree 03
Why: Austin-Healey Sprite 45th Anniversary
When: Monday, May 12  through Thursday, May 15, 2003
Where: Harrisburg Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Center, I-83 & Pennsylvania
Turnpike, New Cumberland, PA 17070, Phone (717) 774-2721, Fax (717)
Followed by: Carlisle Import/Kit Car Show in Carlisle, PA, Friday, May 16 -
Sunday May 18, 2003

1988 Spritefest     30th Sprite Anniversary
1993 Spriterush    35th Sprite Anniversary
1998 Spritebash    40th Sprite Anniversary
2003 Spritespree   45th Sprite Anniversary
2008 50th Austin-Healey Sprite Anniversary

ATTENDANCE: Over100 Austin-Healey Sprites and 300 enthusiasts from around
the world will join to celebrate the four day Anniversary party in Central
Pennsylvania.   SpriteSpree 2003 participants will literally  "take-over"
the Holiday Inn Hotel & Convention Center.  It will be the BIGGEST
AUSTIN-HEALEY SPRITE CELEBRATION in current history ever !!!

Address:  I-83 & Pennsylvania Turnpike, New Cumberland, PA 17070
Phone:  (717) 774-2721, Fax (717) 774-2485.
Location:  Directly off of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Exit.  South, second
exit, 16 miles to Carlisle.  4 miles to Carlisle. Carlisle Import/Kit Car
Show fair grounds (via secondary roads, minimal truck traffic)
Room Rate:  $ 79.00 per night single or double occupancy
* Two story building, (accommodations available to park your Sprite "just
outside" your room's door.)
*  Large Pool / Jacuzzi / Pool Bar / Indoor Tropical Courtyard.  (Many rooms
open to a balcony over the indoor complex.).
*  The Elephant & Castle Pub & Restaurant: English Style Pub .... real neat
atmosphere !!! 
*   Keystone Rooms A & B.  Spacious, high ceiling Ballroom (will easily
accommodate 8 or more Sprites, 200 people, band, dance floor, and a
multitude of unusual, large, Sprite decorations.  (Show cars can be driven,
about 30 feet on a flat surface, directly into the ballroom.  No carrying or
lifting the Sprites at this Show.)
*  Harrisburg West Room:  Indoor Sprite Regalia room.  (Lockable for
security.  Right off the Lobby and Registration Area.)
*  Harrisburg East Room:  Indoor Sprite Photographs, Handicraft & Model
area, (Lockable for security.  Right off the Lobby and Registration Area.)

Parking Area: Completely asphalted next to all rooms, well adorned with
trees and shrubs, plus ... ample room for numerous car trailers, and
....ample room for en masse Popular Sprite Show with a nice scenery
backdrop.  Area that can be closed off with night security.  Three areas
usable for Auto-Tests, Fun-Drive, or an Autocross, etc.   Outdoor flea
market space available every where.

Carlisle Import / Kit Car Show:
* The biggest foreign car show in the east!
* Give-away car on Sunday, May 18, 2003
*  The Carlisle I/KC Show is 20 miles, but only minutes away by PA Turnpike,
from the Holiday I.H. &C.C. Roads are great and traffic is minimal.  PA
Turnpike fee is $0.65.
*  Friday, May 16 - Sunday May 18, 2003
* Vendor spaces available
* Camping spaces available
* Car sale area available
* Trailer parking space available
* Asphalt small race track
* More information at a late date as available

FAQ #1
Why invite anybody else except Sprites to our anniversary party?
Here are answers I have sent out to date.
Yep, we need anybody and any car that is interested in celebrating the 45th
anniversary of the Austin-Healey Sprite.  Owing a Sprite has made me humble
in the Healey Clubs around the world.  It was the reason I even got started
with a Sprite Newsletter oh so many years ago.  I am not going to treat
those interested in celebrating our little car's anniversary the way Sprites
have been treated for too many years in the past.
Regarding other sports cars and our Sprite Meet.  Every body who has an
interest in sports cars is invited to our Meets.  During each of our
anniversary drives we have had almost 100 Sprites in a very big line but
there were enthusiasts who came hundreds and hundreds of miles driving
recreation vehicles in among the Sprites.  Heck, I even bought my first
Midget last year.  It is a mark 4.  Is that a Sprite sin?  The Meet is
primarily to celebrate the Sprite ,,,, cause other clubs aren't going to do
too much for our little cars .... but we encourage anybody with a sports car
to join us.  Here is another thought.  Those of us that have these types of
cars are getting older and older.   I got my three sons a Bugeye each for
high school graduation.  While they think the car is nice and fun it isn't
the same as my passion about the cars.  As we get older there are fewer and
fewer of us so we need anybody that likes the cars of our era to stand with
COME ONE COME ALL!!!!!!!  (Any way  ..... where in the world will you see
upwards of 100 Sprites in one location at one time ?  A few other sports
cars in the group will only be swallowed up by our little cars.)
We have invited every sports car and enthusiast in all of our past meets
from anywhere in the world.  Maybe because you all saw so many Sprites you
thought it was exclusively for Sprites.  Lots of people like our Meets and
want to come.  And, IT IS NOT ABOUT MONEY BUT ... financially speaking the
big clubs will probably not sponsor our Meets and a night with our group if
we cut 80% of their club's enthusiasts out of our Meet.
FAQ #2
Will we have en-masse Sprite Drives?
Yes, there will be numerous en-masse drives with our sports cars.  To name a
few .... #1 ..... en-masse drive from the Holiday Convention Center Tuesday
evening to eat out like we did five years ago, en-mass drives from the
Holiday Convention Center to the Carlisle Import Show #2 ..... Friday, #3
..... Saturday, en-masse drive to supper from the Carlisle Import Show #4
..... Friday & #5 ..... Saturday (maybe even lunch), en-masse drive return
to Holiday from restaurant #6 Friday & #7 Saturday.   SO, YOU WANTED TO
DRIVE SOMEWHERE, only a few miles away in a huge group with your Sprites
.....YOU GOT IT !!!

Keep smiling,
Rick Moses

Yes, it is 4:00 AM here.  What else do you think I do between 1 and 4 in the
morning except work on Sprite stuff.


Larry Macy
78 Midget

Keep your top down and your chin up.

Larry B. Macy, Ph.D.
System Manager/Administrator
Neuropsychiatry Section
Department of Psychiatry
University of Pennsylvania
3400 Spruce St. - 10 Gates
Philadelphia, PA 19104

 Ask a question and you're a fool for three minutes; do not ask a question
and you're a fool for the rest of your life. 

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