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Re: serious oil leak from rear

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Subject: Re: serious oil leak from rear
Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2004 10:16:56 -0600
 Just alittle data from web pages.

 E-?):  "How does the rear main seal kit work with the 1380 at high rpm's?" - 

Ans):  So far, no rear main seal problem - not even a weep that I can tell. The 
condition of line bore,  the race on the crank, and "fitment" (English term) of 
the seal holder are a factor. I suspect that a serious leak around a stock 
crank could indicate a problem that needs more than addition of a "real seal".  
- ed.

E-?): If you have serious oil leak from rear "oil thrower" how can you tell 
what is the culpret? - Jonathan.

Ans): Jonathan, Oil leak from stock 'oil thrower' is from one of three things 
(or a little of all). 1) Alignment of tolerence between thrower and rear 
(surrounding) material (caps). 2) wear of crank main bearings allowing missfit 
(slop). 3) bad line bore of crank journals and/or bent crank allowing whip or 
miss-spacing. It is difficult to do a simple evaluation of any of these without 
machinist tools and skills. It is not considered a good idea to try the rear 
main seal kit as a fix without an engine rebuild to fix the above since seals 
will wear out due to the above very quickly. Anyone else have other opinion or 
ideas? -ed.

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