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Re: No LBC... Advice needed (Capri)

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Subject: Re: No LBC... Advice needed (Capri)
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 19:40:10 -0700 reply-type=response
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Other than the powertrain, similar to the Escort GT & Mazda 323, the car is 
junk.  Built in Australia from unobtainium parts, ie power window switches, 
hardware, gages etc.  poor quality plastics prone to age & stress cracks, 
lots of rattles.  All but sale proof when new, came with all of the good 
looks of a TR-7 and electrical gremlins to match.  I would avoid at all 

David Riker

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Subject: No LBC... Advice needed (Capri)

> I'm wondering if anyone has any experience/advice regarding a 1991 Mercury 
> Capri. This is the first year 4 seat convertible using the 1600 twin-cam 
> Miata engine. I'm not sure if the 5 speed is Miata or something else. I've 
> come across one that needs some minor work (exhaust leak). This is the XR 
> Turbo model. Is this car FWD? (haven't seen it yet)
> I'm considering this car for my daughter (19). Any advice on what 

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