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RE: My Dad

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Subject: RE: My Dad
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2006 22:38:56 -0500
My dad, now 90, had a few, similar "episodes", a couple of years back.  I
think that the main reason the hospitals send them home is that, unless they
can come up with some sort of diagnosis, the sleazy insurance companies
won't cover the costs of keeping them in for observation.  After the second
"episode" of what was termed "sinus tachacardia", the cardio-vascular
specialist said "screw the insurance company, we're admitting him for
observation".  Fortunately, our local hospital is an affiliate of the
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, so, we get the very best doctors &
technology.  Even so, it took a couple more episodes, and a second 3 day
stint in the hospital before they were finally able to control it with meds.
It was mighty scary, as I'm sure you've become aware.  The good news is that
there was no damage to his heart, and he's resumed his role as our family's
"Energizer Bunny".
It's really hard, sometimes, watching our parents grow old.
Bud Osbourne

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Must be something in the air...

My 88 yr old Dad, a familiar presence to many Thickos at the races, was in
the hospital with chest pains, a racing pulse, and a 212 over something
blood pressure last night.

They sent him home, finding nothing.

He'd been having a tingling in his chest for a day or two.

I'm worried about him. Your Dad too Frank... and anyone else with loved ones
experiencing difficulties.

I went on for a Cat scan last week for my 20+ year battle with chronic sinus
infections. Looks like I'm going to have surgery in early Feb. Nancy's
planning on a 50th B'day party for me Fri. the 27th of Jan., so, I wanted to
wait until after that.

Those of you that might be interested in coming to central WI at the Dream
Farm in Jan. (hah) for my 50th, let me know, so I can be sure you get an
invitation. The more the merrier.

Stay well people.


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