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Re: Sprite 50th Anniversery

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Subject: Re: Sprite 50th Anniversery
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 15:05:25 -0800
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Well, as usual, Frank comes up another great idea! Having been the 
dragooned into being designated organizer, PR flack, and trash 
collector at similar events, I would make a few of suggestions to ensure 
the largest possible turnout, and the maximum amount of fun.

1. Make sure there is plenty to do for wives, husbands, mistresses, 
significant others, children, and grandchildren. This can make it more 
inviting to the rest of the family who may not share the enthusiasm for 
these lec's.

2. Keep the costs VERY reasonable. I was once coerced into putting 
together a Navy reunion, and many people were making suggestions that 
could wind up pretty pricey Indianapolis at 500 time, New Orleans at 
Marti Gras, Las Vegas, Vail at snow time, etc. Such suggestions came 
from folks who had the most discretionary income available. At the same 
time, I received many private e-mails pleading with me to find someplace 
that was affordable to those raising families or who simply could not 
afford to spend a lot of money. Remember, a most people might be too 
embarrassed to say they could not afford it.

3. Since many people would be making a long trek, find someplace where 
they could combine it with other vacation ideas. To drive 1-3,000 miles 
for a two-day get together would be far more attractive if there were 
nearby vacation destinations after the anniversary bash.

4. If you want folks to bring their Sprites, keep in mind that these 
cars will be 50 years old, and most people may not be mechanically 
competent, financially able, or just interested in keeping them in 
top-notch condition to make a difficult drive. So dont make it 
somewhere that would be too challenging to the typical Sprite in average 

5. Pick a place where you can generally be assured of good weather, 
regardless of the time of year. Not too hot, not too humid, and little 
chance of rain. There would be nothing to dampen such an event as rain 
when the star of the event is a convertible meant to be driven with the 
top down. Perhaps Jim Johnson can be Shanghaied to providing some help 
in forecasting probable weather in various venues at various times of 
the year.

6. In weighing places and dates, check with the local visitors and 
convention bureau to see what other activities are taking place. If a 
big event is scheduled, it might make accommodations too difficult to 
find or afford. These agencies can also provide a lot of information, 
discount coupons, etc., for other activities in the area.

Now, when a location is decided, it might be fun to assemble some 
caravans leaving from different points around the country. That way 
there could be emergency pit crews to help out when necessary. (Note 
when, not if.)

In the meantime, it sounds like a helluva lot of fun, and if there is 
anything I can do to help, just throw a rock in my direction.

Buster Evans

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