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Re: Laws of the natural universe - Last attempt

To: "Dave Yealy" <lbc@littlebitcountry.com>
Subject: Re: Laws of the natural universe - Last attempt
From: "Brad Fornal" <tequila.brad@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2007 09:20:51 -0500
Wilson's Law is TRUE!! Shortly before obtaining my rack and shelving for my
parts shed, my wife had started buying the Sterilite 38 qt plastic totes.
These were to replace my milk crates that would often allow smaller bits to
fall out of the "storage bin". When I got my rack up, I was delighted to
find that the 38 qt tote would fit 4 to a shelf PERFECTLY!! Since I needed
almost 50 of them, I asked my wife and daughter to look for them whilst out
shopping. Needless to say, Sterilite had just started offering the 10 gallon
tote, and discontinued the 38 qt. The new tote was just large enough, that
it wouldn't fit but 3 to a shelf. I emailed the company, called customer
service, asking them to see if any dealers may have old stock, all to no
avail. I was devistated, my one shot at a REALLY organized parts shed,
smashed over 2 addtional quarts.
A month or so later, I was at a yard sale with my wife, we were in the
Sprite. As I walk up, I see that the lady has all her stuff in these
Steriltie totes. A large quantity of them were the 38 qt. After explaining
that I had an odd request, I told her of my parts, and of my cars. She loved
the Sprite, of course, and started emptying totes for me to purchase.
Needless to say, 40 totes, with lids, won't fit in a Sprite, with the wife.
So, after loading up, I had to leave my wife behind, as I headed home with
my find. The totes, even fitted one inside the other, stuck up above the
windscreen. I had to shift, and grab the stack, for stability, then shift,
grab, shift, grab, on the ride home. Half an hour later, Martha was back in
her car.....
My wife really IS a saint............


On 4/4/07, Dave Yealy <lbc@littlebitcountry.com> wrote:
> Wilson's Law:
> As soon as you find a product that you really like, they will stop making
> it


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