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Re: Need to rent trailer

To: "Bud Osbourne" <abcoz@hky.com>
Subject: Re: Need to rent trailer
From: "Brent Wolf" <wolf.brent@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2007 17:05:03 -0400
No do not call U-haul and tell them you have a Midget. They will not rent
you one if they know it is for a Midget. BTDT.  Their computer says a Midget
will not fit.

Tell them you have a B.  They will then rent you the trailer.

The Midget fits in the tracks, but just barely. It actually hugs against the
inside ridge.


On 4/6/07, Bud Osbourne <abcoz@hky.com> wrote:
> Those U-Haul trailers used to be pretty neat little rigs.  If I were
> you, I'd call my local U-Haul agency and get them to go out and measure
> the minimum distance between the "tracks".  You may get lucky, and be
> able to get a Spridget aboard.
> Bud Osbourne

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