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Subject: Re: [Spridgets] Ebay and paypal
From: "Mark" <mark@nashvilletn.org>
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2009 22:58:27 -0600
I had a neighbor a few years ago that had just been promoted to VP of a 
large Nashville bank.  I called him to arrange for a tee time for our 
afternoon outing.  His new secretary was giving me a really hard time and 
wouldn't let me talk to him no matter what I said to her.  Finally I told 
her that this call was regarding a sensitive and personal issue, then she 
said "may I tell him what this is in regard to"!  The second here last 
question left her lips I told her I was representing a young lady and her 
paternity suit against Mr. X.  She then exhausted most of her hot air and 
put me right through.  I didn't say anything to my neighbor about my methods 
for about a week but it was too late, bank legal had already offered their 
assistance with the "sensitive issue".  It took months to undo the rumors 
and I had to buy drinks for the next year.


 The best if you get a real
person is, this is Dr. So and So at the Aids clinic calling to let your boss
know that his test was positive and we need to speak to him as soon as

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