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RE: Generator Slime

To: tigers@Autox.Team.Net, "'Bob Reynolds'" <info@standard-knapp.com>
Subject: RE: Generator Slime
From: "Richard Atherton (Entex)" <a-richat@MICROSOFT.com>
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 1997 00:37:16 -0700
Bob wrote:  "Anyone have any ideas what is happening?  The generator has
new field coils.  "  There not new anymore !!  Sounds like they shorted,
overheated, and melted their epoxy type insulation, which was pulled
forward by the draw of the generator fan and deposited in a nice thin
line all around the front of the engine compartment.  That would be my


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> Sent:         Thursday, July 17, 1997 1:59 PM
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> Subject:      Generator Slime
> A funny thing happened to me driving my Tiger home from British Car
> day a
> the Boston Museum of Transportation.  About 70 miles into my 130 mile
> trip
> home I noticed a humming sound that increased with engine RPM.  The
> noise
> seemed to get worse the further I drove.  When I arrived home I
> determined
> that the noise was comming from my generator.  I decided to
> investigate the
> problem further the next day after everyting had cooled off.  The
> generator
> made the same noise even when cold.  I also noticed a waxy yellow
> substance
> deposited in a line on the hood and engine compartment adjacent to the
> generator fan.  I cleaned the substance off with solvent, but found
> that
> the paint had actually been stained.  Polishing compound still hasn't
> removed all the stain.  
> Anyone have any ideas what is happening?  The generator has new field
> coils.  
> Bob Reynolds

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