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Re: tachometer

To: "Parfitt, Bill @ PDX" <BParfitt@GlacierNW.com>
Subject: Re: tachometer
From: twojohnsons@home.com
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 07:58:48 -0500
The  truly accurate solution is to buy a solid-state conversion & have it
installed in your old case. They did mine at Mo-Ma.
Al J.

"Parfitt, Bill @ PDX" wrote:

> Listers,
>   I have a balky tachometer that I had written off to good ol Lucas
> dependability when I read a tech tips at, I believe the Tigers United
> website which talked about tach problems when you switch to electronic
> ignition ( which I did).  The article talked about modifying an Alpine
> tachometer. Is this the only solution?  The tachomter currently seems to
> only work when it wants to and even when it does it registers it is
> registering RPM's that are way too low. Help please!
> Bill Parfitt

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