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Re: Tiger Cooling

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Subject: Re: Tiger Cooling
From: CoolVT@aol.com
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 21:36:40 EST
  I'm definitely not an expert on air flow through a radiator.  I guess i was 
repeating the findings of the study.  Also, the documentary that I mentioned 
on NASCAR autos showed a whole series of radiators of different thickness'.  
They showed which were used for different tracks.  The tracks they described 
with high speeds called for the thickest radiators (about 5" thick from 
appearances) and for a slower track a 2" thick radiator was used.
 I can understand the concept of creating a cavity and a low pressure area, 
but to me it seems that at a certain point the thickness of radiator that the 
air is being drawn through has to has some effect.  To take the example to an 
extreme, I would find it hard to believe, that everything else being equal, 
the same amount of air can be pulled through 6' (foot) thick radiator as 
through a 4" (inch) thick one.  Maybe there isn't that much difference 
between a 3" and a 5" thick radiator, but the NASCAR crews are convinced 
otherwise.  Sorry to quote NASCAR and I never watch their races, just 
happened to be watching their show.
  Just my two, uneducated cents.   Mark L.

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