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RE: Blown oil lines--my 2 cents

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Subject: RE: Blown oil lines--my 2 cents
From: "Allan Connell, Jr." <alcon@home.com>
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 23:09:01 -0800
Good point Gerard.

Some time ago, Steve Laifman documented his experience installing an
aftermarket Ford SVO spin on oil filter adapter.  This quite safe option
works very well....as long as you don't have headers to clear.  If you do,
you pretty much have to stick to the remote set-up or stock set-up.



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Subject: Blown oil lines--my 2 cents

I don't know why you guys with the remote filters spend so much time, money,
effort on oil lines for the remote filter.  Just because it's original
doesn't mean it's a good design or that you have to live with it and keep
feeding it when it breaks, and risk blowing up a perfectly expensive
engine...Or, even lose your life when the lines blow at 70 MPH on the

The first time I changed the oil on my Tiger was the last time for the
filter.  It leaked.  Off it came.  The Ford dealer sells the screw adapter
the block, and Pep Boys has the short filter.  I think it was a Purolator
Can't remember the number, and I sold the car...I'm sure someone on the list
the number.

Anyhow, unless your car is concours correct and you show it a lot, it makes
sense to put up with the hassles and danger of failure associated with the
remote filter.  Granted, the small filter holds half the oil, but do you
drive your Tiger so much that you can't change the oil and filter every 3000
miles or so?  Modern oils and fuels are much cleaner than those from the
and it is very unlikely that you will ever need the full size filter,
on a car that is pleasure driven.

Well, my 2 cents.

Former Tiger owner
Pic of old Tiger at bottom of this page:

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