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RE: T10 Transmission

To: "Dan & Lori Fitzgerald" <danlorifitz@earthlink.net>,
Subject: RE: T10 Transmission
From: "Peter Stanisavljevich" <pete_stanisavljevich@coxtarget.com>
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2003 10:53:36 -0400
Dan and Wally,

Wally I'm sure you remember my car is B9471799, and very original. If you need 
any questions answered don't be bashful.


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I have an original T-10 in my Tiger and the model number and tag number
matches what I have.  The speedo cable connection should however be on the
left side, next to and on the same side as the shifter assembly.  If you are
restoring B9471793, I would use a Top-loader transmission they are much
easier to rebuild and get parts for and is correct for your number car.

Dan Fitzgerald

>Hi Folks
>I've just been pulling all the bits out of a second Tiger I have here and
>found that the transmission that came with the car is not the original
>Toploader but a T10. The bolt patttern looks like it will fit the standard
>bell housing, but the tail housing looks a bit shorter than the stock Tiger
>one. The speedo connection is on the rights side instead of the left.
>The code cast on the side of the box is as follows:
>Serial number on tag: 30A-G-1
>Can any of you Ford followers tell me what this is off?, and if it will fit
>the Tiger?
>I remember reading that the original early batch of Tigers had this
>Wally Menke


Steve Laifman

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