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Re: T10 Transmission

To: "Dan & Lori Fitzgerald" <danlorifitz@earthlink.net>,
Subject: Re: T10 Transmission
From: "Kathy and Erich Coiner" <kathy.coiner@gte.net>
Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2003 18:53:04 -0700
Go to www.richmondgear.com

It looks like they are selling brand new T10s.
They might have parts too.


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Subject: RE: T10 Transmission

> Ron,
> When I had my T-10 rebuilt, I could get the rebuild kit, but I could not
> new gears that were shot.  My fourth gear needed replacing, and after an
> exhaustive search we could not find any, so we had to modify one from a
> Muncie to use.
> Dan
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> From: ron fraser [mailto:rfraser@bluefrog.biz]
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> Subject: RE: T10 Transmission
> Parts for the T-10 look like they are very available.   I have seen
> several web sites that offer parts and the National Parts Depot catalog
> lists 2 rebuild kits for the T-10 at similar prices to the Toploader kits.
> I can't see that the T-10 should be any harder to rebuild than the
> Toploader, but I may find out when a friend gets that far restoring his 65
> Mustang.
> Ron Fraser
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> Subject: RE: T10 Transmission
> Wally,
> I have an original T-10 in my Tiger and the model number and tag number
> matches what I have.  The speedo cable connection should however be on the
> left side, next to and on the same side as the shifter assembly.  If you
> restoring B9471793, I would use a Top-loader transmission they are much
> easier to rebuild and get parts for and is correct for your number car.
> Dan Fitzgerald
> B9470033
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