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RE: Cooling System Acid Test

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Subject: RE: Cooling System Acid Test
From: Theo Smit <theo.smit@dynastream.com>
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2003 10:53:39 -0600
The weak point in the Tiger cooling system is the heater core, or
specifically, the end tanks on the heater. They are large, poorly
supported, flat sections, and under high pressure the ends balloon out,
which makes subsequent removal of the heater element from the space
under the hood release very difficult without doing further damage to
the core. If you plan to run higher-than-stock coolant pressure with the
heater in the system, you should look into reinforcing the endcaps on
the heater core.


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Check out   www.stewartcomponents.com   for the facts about pressure and
flow concerning your cooling system. I believe the greater the pressure
the better the cooling. Also with the increased pressure a higher flow
rate improves the heat exchange. Lots of good info! 

Respectfully submitted,
Henry Vicioso

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