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[Tigers] upper fulcrum pin

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Subject: [Tigers] upper fulcrum pin
From: "Jim" <jim@island.net>
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2009 16:28:41 -0800
Well, the snow's starting to melt (and we're NOT getting any more, are
we?)so it's time I got all my Tiger projects sorted out and finished.
I'm redoing my crossmember and when I took the nut off one of the upper
fulcrum pins, it completely stripped the threads. I've now got all the new
bushings and have the A-arms ready to go but have canvassed all my contacts
for a used pin and no one seems to have a spare. I know I can get a new one
from Doug Jennings and a couple others, but before I do that I thought I'd
see if anyone had a spare upper A-arm that they would part with ( I only
need the pin but would be surprised if anyone had removed one just for
fun...lol ).I think the Alpine IV/V is the same...
I'm in Canada on what used to be the balmy West coast


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