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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Tigers Digest, Vol 4, Issue 11
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Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2010 08:28:32 -0700
If you do get oil lines made at a hydraulic shop, make sure they
understand that this is for a continuous-flow oiling system, not for a
hydraulic application. Hydraulic hose and fittings have smaller IDs than
oil hose, for the same hose OD and fitting thread sizes, and you'll get
much greater pressure loss in the lines.

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> I put a remote oil filter under my left front fender, I used
> heater grommets to protect the line as it went through the
> inner fender. I used a high pressure line to reroute the oil
> lines there. Your local hydraulic shop should  have that.
> Since I have headers , I could not use the PH-8 filter either.
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