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Re: [Tigers] Hot starting FYI

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Hot starting FYI
From: fhsloth13@aol.com
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2010 17:11:01 EST
Would this only apply to only  Ford carbs or would any carb have  this same 
I have an Edelbrock 4-bbl on my stock 260 and sometimes have a hot start  
problem. It seems like vapor lock but I'm not sure.
I would be very interested in your findings. Please send them to me at: 
_whizzzbang13@aol.com_ (mailto:whizzzbang13@aol.com) 
Fred Baum
In a message dated 1/22/2010 2:51:38 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
rfraser@bluefrog.com writes:

I have  been doing an Original Tiger engine study from the Ford casting #  
casting date point of view.

I came across a notation about Hot  starting and the use of restrictor fuel
bowl vents to reduce fuel vapor in  the air cleaner.
The bowl vents are the 2 vertical tubes near the choke  plate and restrictor
vents have a smaller hole on top than the diameter of  the tube.

There is a Ford TSB covering this; 8/19/63 Ford TSB, Section  1750, Article

Ford incorporated restrictor fuel bowl vent on  Dec14,1962; this would
indicate that all 2bbl carburetors on Tiger engines  have these restrictor
I have also looked at some period pictures  of Tiger engines and they appear
to have restrictor vent but I can't say  for sure all Tiger engines had 

I have had some hot start problems  at times with the non stock C7, 2bbl
carburetor on my Tiger so I will have  to investigate this more on my 
This should also be looked at with  any 4bbl carb if you have a hot start

It would be  interesting to note if all those with the original 2bbl have
these  restrictor vents.

As always if anyone needs help deciphering casting  #'s and date codes; I
will be glad to assist.

If you are interested  in participating in my engine study; contact me on
this List or off  line.

Ron Fraser
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