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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Pertronix / MSD Coil
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Date: Sat, 03 Aug 2013 09:45:09 -0400
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Thread-topic: [Tigers] Pertronix / MSD Coil
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Tiger Guys:
 I talked with Pertronix Tech Support about a year ago re the installation
requirements for the Ignitor 2. I can confirm Ron's statement that
Pertronix strongly advises that you provide 12 volts to the module and to
not run the 12 volts through a ballast resistor. That made sense to me.

Also, if any enthusiasts plan to use the Ignitor 2, be aware it has a more
sophisticated microcontroller than the older Pertronix modules, and
requires that you use radio resistance spark plug wires and specifically
NOT to use copper core unsuppressed plug wires. I asked the Tech guy the
rationale for this and he said it reduces the possibility of
electromagnetic interference getting into the Pertronix module. The Tech
guy said it could cause bad performance and possibly damage the Ignitor 2
I think this is good guidance to follow and I installed black Taylor plug
wires with what look like factory spark plug boots with 135 degree angles
on the boots to clear the exhaust system better. The Taylor rep was very
helpful in setting up black 600 degree wires with the 135 boots.
Note: You should inspect your cars and decide if you want straight/ or 135
degree/ or 90 degree boots and ask Taylor to fabricate a set to your
needs. Taylor was reasonable in their pricing to me to do this.

I did not discuss the Blaster coil so I can't add any insight re that
particular coil.
I CAN say that you need to be careful where you buy a new coil; there have
been verified reports of overseas coils failing early in their life. Try
top find a coil made in the US if practical.
I had that exact problem with an overseas coil that went intermittent
after 5 to 15 minutes of engine operation. Took weeks to isolate the cause
of the engine stopping. I had to do a lot of troubleshooting, including
mounting a second coil on the intake and when the engine stopped, I
swapped to the original coil.
Problem gone- engine ran well so I kept the original FoMoCo coil in the
car (a Series 200 Griffith).
Don Antilla

On 8/3/13 8:45 AM, "Ron Fraser" <rfraser@bluefrog.com> wrote:

>       I think you need to talk to Pertronix about your situation or go to
>their web site to see what they say.  You may also want to check the MSD
>site to see if they show your combination and how to install it correctly.
>       Some of this is determined by which Pertronix module you are going
>to use.  I have a Pertronix I unit with a ballast resistor. This is the
>the Pertronix installation instructions show to install this unit.  The
>instructions also state that the voltage to the Pertronix I unit can not
>less than 6V with the ballast resistor.
>       I believe the Pertonix II and III modules require a constant 12V to
>operate correctly; no ballast resistor.  This is where you need the
>instructions to confirm that statement.
>Ron Fraser
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>Subject: [Tigers] Pertronix / MSD Coil
>Not a Tiger application in my case - but..., I know  quite a few of the
>Tiger folks are running the Pertronix ignition module ( the original
>in my case). Are any of you running the MSD Blaster 2 coil (8203)?  I am
>planning to use the MSD box, only the Pertronix and the MSD coil.  I've
>on the internet where some have no issues at all. However, there are those
>who say that Pertonix told them NOT to use the MSD coil.
>So, it is a bit confusing. If you have had success with the combination
>planning, I'd like to hear from you.  Also, I'd like to know if you use a
>ballast resistor.  MSD says the resistor, .8 ohms, is only needed for
>Thanks, Tom


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