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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Pertronix / MSD Coil
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Hi Tom,

Mark makes a good point. Each Pertronix coil is optimized to work with the
corresponding Ignitor. Off the top of my head, the Pertronix 1 needs a coil
with over 3 ohms resistance. The 2 needs 0.6 ohms while the 3 needs 0.3
ohms. The lower resistance allows more spark energy but if you try to mix
and match you could exceed the electrical capacity of the Ignitor unit and
fry it. I've temporarily used the MSD coil with the Pertronix 1 but I had to
use the ballast resistor in series to get the required resistance.  If you
follow Mark's advice and use the matching coil then you would bypass the
ballast resistor completely. 

If you have a need for the power of the 3 (or just want the built in rev
limiter) you should also consider using a relay.

Buck Trippel

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I guess my first question is why mix and match? Pertronix makes coils for
both the original and higher output coils for the II and III. I have gone to
their III system on several cars, they are more robust than the original and
include a nice rev limiter.

Run it straight with no ballast resistor.
On Saturday, August 3, 2013, Thomas Witt wrote:

> Not a Tiger application in my case - but..., I know  quite a few of 
> the Tiger folks are running the Pertronix ignition module ( the 
> original version in my case). Are any of you running the MSD Blaster 2 
> coil (8203)?  I am not planning to use the MSD box, only the Pertronix 
> and the MSD coil.  I've read on the internet where some have no issues 
> at all. However, there are those who say that Pertonix told them NOT 
> to use the MSD coil.
> So, it is a bit confusing. If you have had success with the 
> combination I'm planning, I'd like to hear from you.  Also, I'd like 
> to know if you use a ballast resistor.  MSD says the resistor, .8 
> ohms, is only needed for points.
> Thanks, Tom
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