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Subject: Re: [Tigers] Pertronix / MSD Coil
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Date: Sat, 03 Aug 2013 15:05:47 -0700
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Thank you everyone for your replies. To answer a few questions:

Why mix parts? -  I have a Pertronix I module because  it came with a 
rebuilt distributor I bought off of Ebay. It works fine with the stock coil. 
The MSD coil I got the other day at Pick A Part.  My apology if my frugality 
caused confusion.  Income has been cut over 50% - and not going to get any 

What does theMSD site say? -  From the MSD site; "Improved output coil for 
electronic, Point, Blaster or MSD 5, 6, and 7 Series Ignitions (ballast 
resistor required for points)"  It basically stated the coil can be used 
with anything (ballast resistor with points). And from what I read on the 
internet others sucsessfully have.

Yes, I was aware that the Pertronix itself runs off of 12 volt and not to 
connect it to a "resistance" circuit.

 My concern rose when I read that someone talked to Pertronix about using 
the MSD coil.  Pertronix told them not to do it. Others (that sucsessfully 
used the Pertronix/MSD set-up) said Pertronix was just trying to sell 
"their" coil.  Thus, I was looking for trusted confirmation if anyone on the 
Tiger list had run the Pertronix I and the MSD 8203 coil (with or without a 



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