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A 5 speed is the ultimate fix... but to figure out any changes to rear
gears, etc. you need this...



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Hey, guys:


I've got a question for some of the more mathematically proficient in the
group.  I'm considering making some changes to my Tiger pertaining to the
rear end gear ratio.  Can anyone tell me how to figure what kind of rpm
difference there would be at, say 70 mph, between a Tiger equipped with a
stock 2.88:1 rear end and one equipped with first a 3:07.1 and then a 3:31.1
rear gear?  Surely there's a formula out there that can figure that.  Can
anyone point me in the right direction?    


The bottom line here is that I need something that will get my car off the
line a bit quicker without completely destroying my highway cruising
capabilities.  I currently am running an Edelbrock F4B and a Holley 465 cfm
carb, a hydraulic version of the old Ford hi-po cam, and 13" LAT 70s with
185/70 tires.  The car currently has a 2:88.1 rear gear and that makes it a
bit sluggish off the line.  I've heard it said that a 3.07:1 gear was about
ideal for a stock Tiger, but with the cam and carburation my car has, would
a 3.31:1 be a better alternative?


Thanks for any advice,

Andy Walker

Edmond, OK


TAC #740


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