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Re: [Tigers] 2014 Worlds Fastest Sunbeam Motor Candidate

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Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2013 22:29:52 -0400
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Speed Freaks:

I just returned from Bonneville and we found the courses to be well graded and
smooth.  We ran a total of twelve times but did stay away from Course 1
because it was slick and had cars spinning all week long.  The return roads
were not graded, but were pretty smooth.  The SCTA-BNI did a great job of it,
as usual.

Jere Teepen

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On Aug 15, 2013, at 9:31 AM, "Larry Mayfield" <drmayf@mayfco.com> wrote:

> Ok, so  a few weeks ago, I asked about alternative motors for the WFS
> version 2014.  I received a plethora of suggestions (don't you just love
> that word!) and some ver pretty dang good. But, while surfing this
> morning I remembered a motor that may fit the bill better and has some
> performance parts support. That is the 1988 SHO V6 which produced good
> power, over 200, and can be mounted longitudinally.  It shares a bell
> housing pattern with the Vulcan V6 motor. And is it just under 3 litres
> displacement and conveniently uses the EEC IV efi system and it might be
> cheaper than the national debt.  It is a DOHC motor but with a 60 degree
> bank angle so it will likely fit. And although it is a Yamaha, if comes
> from Ford so falls in my list of druthers for Ford stuff.
> The trick now, is to find one that  can be bought complete for a song or
> at least a loud yodel.  Anybody have a clue as to where I might start
> looking for one or two of them?  Might even turn out to be a good
> transplant for either a Tiger or Alpine... Of course, a manual trans
> version would be lovely also as I am tired of wrestling with my AOD
> trans good as it is... it is large....
> And I have thought of stretching the wheel base for next time... 130
> inches vs 90 sure seems better for salt racing stability.
> Went to the salt, Mon, Tues and yesterday for a look see. Salt is poor.
> very bumpy, lots of soft spots and more spin outs in the day and a half
> I was there that most of the meets I have been to combined! Lots of
> broken motors and car parts. If it does not rain and smooth things out,
> it will be a tough go.  On a side note, my new F350 King Ranch Dually
> tow truck was a marvel..once even hit 95 mph, ahem, passing a big
> truck....  and still got 16.7 overall mpg up and back and around town....
> shoot me considerations for the SHO motor, 1988 specific and a manual
> trans set up for same....
> mayf
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