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Re: [Tigers] 2014 Worlds Fastest Sunbeam Motor Candidate

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Subject: Re: [Tigers] 2014 Worlds Fastest Sunbeam Motor Candidate
From: Larry Mayfield <drmayf@mayfco.com>
Date: Sat, 17 Aug 2013 17:41:05 -0700
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Ok, guys, I started the thread here regards the use of the SHO motor in 
the Sunbeam race car. What does the Shogun car configuration have to do 
with that? If ya wanna chat about shoguns then please start a new thread 
so I can stop looking at irrelevant messages?


Worlds Fastest Sunbeam, period.
204.913 mph flying mile
210.779 mph exit speed

On 8/17/2013 11:21 AM, Cullen McCann wrote:
> Thanks Andy. Yes Greg and I have talked many times about the shogun project.
> I've also spoken to Rick Titus about it last time he was over here at my
> place. As you know Greg and Rick are tight friends.  The way I was told, Greg
> was on the design team for the project. I'm just planning to ask Greg about
> anything related to the SHO motor that might provide support to Mayf's race
> car concept.
> Cullen
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> On Aug 17, 2013, at 10:43 AM, "Andy Walker" <awtiger@cox.net> wrote:
>> Cullen, et al:
>> The Shogun was a project that Rick Titus, son of former automotive
>> journalist and Shelby team Trans-Am driver Jerry Titus, was heavily
> involved
>> in.  From what I remember, Rick got together with a group of investors and
>> was going to build these cars for the retail market.  They were indeed Ford
>> Festivas on steroids; Taurus SHO engines and transaxles mounted in the rear
>> of a heavily modified Festiva.  What I can't remember is who dreamed up the
>> conversion; I can't remember if it was Rick or someone else.  At any rate,
>> the cars really went like stink but, for whatever reason, the project just
>> never got off the ground.  I do remember Rick coming to the Mid-America
>> Shelby Meet back then really excited about the project.  Greg will be able
>> to tell you what happened to it from that point.
>> Andy Walker
>> Edmond, OK
>> B382001600LRXFE
>> TAC #740
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>> I believe there are three of those shoguns total, and one of the guys
>> responsible for the prototype is a buddy of mine, lives around the corner
>> for me here in Yukon ok. Local shelby enthusiast as well. I might be able
> to
>> pick his brain about it a little. Let me see what he recalls.
>> Cullen
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>> On Aug 15, 2013, at 2:45 PM, "michael@michaelshortt.com"
>> <michaelsavga@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Jay Leno has one attached to a Transaxle in the back seat of a Ford
>>> Festevia(sp), it was called a Shogun. Very Limited Production, looks a
>>> bit like a Renault R5.
>>> Michael Shortt
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