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Spit 1500 competition doc/parts

Subject: Spit 1500 competition doc/parts
From: "Jay Pudvin" <pudvin@VNET.IBM.COM>
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 1995 17:26:06 -0400
My apologies if this would be better asked somewhere else.

I'd like to get one of my 1500s ('77) into road racing.  Does anyone know
where I could find:
- specs for a full roll cage configuration that conform to the SCCA GCR
- a resource for competition parts (I've got Moss, TRF, V. British catalogs)
- documentation discussing modifications/tuning for competition (is the
factory Competition Prep Manual very complete?)

I'm starting with suspension: bush replacements all around, shorter springs
in the front,  f/r sway bars (1" & 5/8" respectively), and mini-lites.  I'll 
keep the older, sagging spring for the rear to keep as much negative camber
as possible. Beyond that I'm not aware of much that can be done to improve

I've got a 32/36 Weber, exhaust header, and will replace the fuel pump to
electric (not sure what type but will push the fuel from the boot rather than
pull from up-front).  The rules for the class I'm considering will not allow
changes to the gutty-works (cam or bore/stroke adjustments). I would like
to add an oil cooler for reliability and am not sure about changing the ignition
to an aftermarket MSD or Allison as the Lucas electronic ign. seems to work

Any suggestions?

Cheers,  -J

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