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re: MPG on TR6?

To: Triumph List <>
Subject: re: MPG on TR6?
From: "Bruce A. Krobusek" <74106.1335@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 18 Jul 96 08:15:57 EDT
>I'm trying to track mileage on my '73 TR6, which I'm using as a daily 
>driver, and it seems rather low.  I was wondering what y'all are getting. 

A lot will depend on your driving habits, although I suspect that 10MPG
is low in any case. On my TR6 (with O/D) I got 26+MPG on the highway
last week. Around town I get 20-22. This is AFTER a tune-up and carb 


      Bruce A. Krobusek
        Rochester   NY
       CIS: 74106,1335
          '83 R80RT
      '72 TR6  CC75665LO

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