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Re: All Scions-Rod failure?

Subject: Re: All Scions-Rod failure?
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1996 17:16:58 -0400
Tony writes:
>I would suggest you NOT give the engine much in the way of RPMs.
>If a rod is indeed bad, high rpms can throw a rod through the block
>if it comes apart.
>Sounds like rings, rod bearings and mains are in order.

I second that opinion, and would go even further.  With an unknown
quantity like this, I'd tear it down completely.  With it knocking that
badly, I'd also be worried about bent rods, scuffed bores, etc.  Or it
could be a dropped valve getting hammered by the piston.  Take it
apart and check _everything_.

Dave Williamson  (  Spits in bits

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