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voltage stabilizer

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Subject: voltage stabilizer
From: "S. Ristroph" <>
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 1997 13:41:53 -0400
I am trying to hook up my temperature and fuel gauges.   The cute part about 
the whole deal is that DPO cut the main wiring harness about 3 inches beyond 
the tape.  I have tracked down the wires from the temperature sending unit and 
fuel sending unit.  I can't seem to locate the wire that supplies the power to 
the gauges.  The wiring diagram in the Haynes manual shows a light green and 
pink wire going into the voltage stabilizer, I assume that its a light green 
and pink wire on the other side going to the gauges.  Well I tried this and it 
didn't work. The gauges work, I tested them.  Does anyone know what amount of 
voltage should be coming through the wire after the voltage stabilizer to the 
gauges?  I think if I can get a voltage amount I can track it down with the 
multimeter.  Thanks all.


S. Ristroph
Augusta, GA
1972 Triumph Spitfire Mark IV

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