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Re: Help with '70 Spit, Smog II

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Subject: Re: Help with '70 Spit, Smog II
From: "Chris Lillja" <Chris_Lillja@Pupress.Princeton.Edu>
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 1997 17:24:22 EST
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I was under the impression that CA Spitfires got the single 
stromberg in 1969 -- I'm not 100% sure, but several sourses lead me 
to believe being the vicky brit catalog. Yeah the twin SU's 
say 62-70 but check the ZS listing and it mentions something about 
69-80 or 70-80....perhaps yours is Fedspec...

I hope I'm not the bearer of real bad news....

      Hi all -
>      My '70 Spit Mk 3 is nearing completion, and I'm beginning to think 
>      (worry, actually) about getting it through Smog Check. This posting is 
>      prompted by one that Tom Monson sent a day or two ago.
>      I have had this car since 1979, and it had twin SUs when I got it and 
>      has passed smog several times in the past, though it has been 
>      non-operational since 1991. I believe the engine to be original as it 
>      was a very low mileage car when I bought it.
>      Somewhere I got the impression that there were 1970 Mark 3s that were 
>      delivered with SUs as opposed to the Stromberg 150. I'm not sure where 
>      I got this impression, other than from my own car, but I note that the 
>      VB catalog lists the SU application as 1967 - 1970.
>      First, is this correct and can I prove it?
>      Second, Tom Monson mentioned that during his smog check he was given 
>      grief because he was supposed to have a carb marked 150CD, not just 
>      CD. This seems like pretty detailed information for a smog station to 
>      be looking at on a 27 year old British import- are they required to do 
>      a reference check of such things? Tom - were you at a state referee?
>      Third, do any other California owners of 1970 Mark 3s have twin SUs 
>      that they believe are original? If so, what were your smog check 
>      experiences like?
>      Thanks in advance!
>      Yours very truly and living in fear of Smog II,
>      Tom Schmitz
>      1970 Spitfire Mark 3
>      FDU88028L
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