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Re: Help with '70 Spit, Smog II

To: ctschmitz@CCGATE.HAC.COM
Subject: Re: Help with '70 Spit, Smog II
From: Martin Libhart <>
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 1997 16:18:09 -0500
Cc: triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
References: <9707118713.AA871331752@CCGATE.HAC.COM>
ctschmitz@CCGATE.HAC.COM wrote:
>      Hi all -
>      My '70 Spit Mk 3 is nearing completion, and I'm beginning to think
>      (worry, actually) about getting it through Smog Check. This posting is
>      prompted by one that Tom Monson sent a day or two ago.
>      I have had this car since 1979, and it had twin SUs when I got it and
>      has passed smog several times in the past, though it has been
>      non-operational since 1991. I believe the engine to be original as it
>      was a very low mileage car when I bought it.
>      Somewhere I got the impression that there were 1970 Mark 3s that were
>      delivered with SUs as opposed to the Stromberg 150. I'm not sure where
>      I got this impression, other than from my own car, but I note that the
>      VB catalog lists the SU application as 1967 - 1970.
>      First, is this correct and can I prove it?
>      Second, Tom Monson mentioned that during his smog check he was given
>      grief because he was supposed to have a carb marked 150CD, not just
>      CD. This seems like pretty detailed information for a smog station to
>      be looking at on a 27 year old British import- are they required to do
>      a reference check of such things? Tom - were you at a state referee?
>      Third, do any other California owners of 1970 Mark 3s have twin SUs
>      that they believe are original? If so, what were your smog check
>      experiences like?
>      Thanks in advance!
>      Yours very truly and living in fear of Smog II,
>      Tom Schmitz
>      1970 Spitfire Mark 3
>      FDU88028L


Is your '70 the federal (U.S.) version?  Without checking my reference
material, I'm fairly sure that all of the fed. versions had the 150 CD,
and no twin SU's.  Judging by your comm. no., yours should be a fed.
Martin Libhart
1972 TR6 (driver)
1970 Spitfire Mk.3 (under the knife)

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