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Re: Right turn / roundabouts

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Subject: Re: Right turn / roundabouts
From: "Chris Lillja" <Chris_Lillja@Pupress.Princeton.Edu>
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 1997 11:37:52 EST
Organization: Princeton University Press
  I was also glad to see confirmation that the
> left turn to one way, from one way, was legal, as I recalled that 
> Michigan's
> law allowed it, but I didn't know about other states' regs.

Virginia too, and I think NJ....I'm not sure because there seems to 
be fewer intances of One Way to One Way intersections here (so I 
haven't bothered to check), but there's lots in Richmond, VA....

> An even better way to save fuel and allow traffic to flow at a rate
> appropriate to volume is the roundabout.  These are common in many
> European countries, but rare in the U.S.   I can think of only two, 

These are common in NJ (I can think of 4 or 5 offhand) although they 
are becoming less so. It seems they have a pretty bad safety 
record.... probably because they seem to confuse the silly 
out-of-state drivers so much....

Now about the trunions....

Why would you want to use anything else? Who wants to ream King Pin 
bushings? Go buy an MG or A-H -- then try to rebuild the front 
suspension in your back yard.....The trunions seem to work very well, 
they seem stronger than ball joints size for size....I'd much rather 
have a nice bronze trunion that I can clean and dissassemble and 
relube every year than those junky sealed "lubed for life" (yeah 
right) ball joints from a TR7....

Now about those "flasking gudgeon pins"....with lustralizing agent on 
the side.....
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