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Re: Electronic Tach

Subject: Re: Electronic Tach
From: Lenny Seidman <>
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 1997 19:41:17 -0500
Cc: triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
Organization: de-zin
References: <971105182534_-1862382883@mrin38> wrote:
> In a message dated 97-11-05 12:29:13 EST, writes:
> > As long as everybody is correcting you, I might as well get on the band
> >  wagon.  Expand your list to include a couple more Mechanical tachs
> >  (yeah, I know you are talking about electronic ones).  THey are the ones
> >  driven off the distributor, and some that were driven off a gear
> >  sticking out the back of the generator (dynamo).  I'm sure thate are
> >  munerous others as well.
> Hmmm! Mechanical tach? What an odd concept - I didn't know this could be done
> without some form of electricity involved! Gosh, how in the heck would you
> wire something like that?
> Actually, that was one of the bigger problems involved in the TR6/Ford 302
> conversion, trying to come up with a replacement tach for the mechanical
> stock tach. I wound up having to replace all the instruments so I could have
> matching gauges and still have a functioning, electrical tach.
> Dan Masters,
> Alcoa, TN

Just a side note here about electronic tachs, the Stag MK II tach is
electronic and I beleive may the same size as the TR6 tach and even has
the same numerals etc. The Stag MKI tachs has a different set of
numerals but is the same size. 

I have sold 2 sets of speedometers and tachs from Stags to Cobra replica
car kit builders who need period style guages but need an electronic
tach for a V-8 engine.
Lenny Seidman
Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, USA  

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