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Re: brake pads followup

To: Dave Garron <>
Subject: Re: brake pads followup
From: Trevor Boicey <>
Date: Thu, 06 Nov 1997 08:01:28 -0500
Cc: triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
Organization: BRIT Inc
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Dave Garron wrote:
> On a similar note, I've found that since I rarely carry passengers who
> look through the right side of the windshield, the wiper blades on the
> driver's side always fail first.

  I usually rotate my blades. When the driver's side one shows
the first signs of imperfection, I buy one more, and move the
old one to the passenger side and throw that one away. You
never have a problem with a bad wiper, since only the first
and best 50% of your "wiper life" is spent with the wiper
on your side. 

  Sort of like change your wipers twice as often with the
same cost. My Midget has three wipers actually, but that's
too much hassle, I don't play that game with it. ;>

Trevor Boicey
Ottawa, Canada

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