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Re: Non-LBC but my PC is used for Triump

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Subject: Re: Non-LBC but my PC is used for Triump
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 1997 13:59:40 -0500 (EST)
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<< Subj:         RE: Non-LBC but my PC is used for Triump
 Date:  06/11/97  09:18:30
 From: (Joe Levi)
 To: (Andrew Lindeman)
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 The problen is that you're using an MS-DOS based OS (Windows 95/98
 included) that uses something called FAT to store data on any media (be
 that a 1.55 MB floppy, a 1GB Jaz, or a 6.4 GB hard drive, or anything).
 WIth this file structure (both FAT16 and FAT32) you are limited to putting
 only 512 file/directory entries on the root directory (this number is cut
 in half to 255 or less in Windows 95/98 because of the way 95/98 stores
 Long File Names (LFNs)).
 THe solution is easy, don't put ALL your files on the root. IE, if your Jaz
 drive is drive J:\ and ;you store documents, music files, and pictures on
 it then delete about ten files from the root of drive J:\, and make some
 directories (folders) called something like J:\MUSIC>, ...documents, ...
 pictures... etc... then "nest" your pictures in the pictures folder, your
 music in the music folder, your documents in your documents folder.
 THat way you can have about 100 (but no more than 255/512) directories on
 your root, but you can put the full 1GB in those folders, or the full 1GB
 in even as little as one folder of the root.
 Simply put, you haven't run out of storage space, but your operating system
 has run out of file entries off the root to accomodate any files that
 you're trying to put on them.
  >>Thank you very much indeed,this is a particularly impressive
answer,indeed one that has not occured to me,but it certainly makes a whole
lot of sense.
It seems to get right to the 'root' of my problem so to speak...
I am taking the liberty of reposting this to the list,so other listers can
share your advice & knowledge!
Thanks again

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