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2500 Timing

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Subject: 2500 Timing
From: Bob Hutton <>
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 15:54:01 +1100
Came across something strange on the weekend with my 2500 TC.
Started out adjusting the timing and stripped the clamp bolt. Chucked that away 
and turned a collar out of large washer that now locks the distributor down 
with the two bolts that held the original clamp. I then decided to check the 
plugs by using the timing light on each lead to see if any were mis-firing. All 
were OK, but I noticed the timing on number 6 was 2 degrees more advanced than 
number one. They should be the same, shouldn't they? It's a new distributor, 
how can this be?

Comments gratefully accepted.

Bob Hutton

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