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Re: 1-1/2" Su's for 1500

To: Larry Quirk <>
Subject: Re: 1-1/2" Su's for 1500
From: Joe Curry <>
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 13:27:57 -0800
Cc:, triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
Organization: Curry Enterprises
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Larry Quirk wrote:
> The carbs I have started out as 1977 tag # AVD665R with ABT stock needles.
> I have a stock motor except for 4 into 1 header and the twin SU - K&N
> setup.  I run AAA needles with yellow springs.  The AAA are too fat in the
> midrange and on the top end and I will be switching to AAQ or AAT (leaner)
> to lean out the mid range and top end.  If you get yourself a SU manual,
> they usually contain heedle charts in the back.  You can enter the data
> into a spread sheet and work out the flow area around the main jet as the
> needle moves up.  These are constant velocity (depression) carbs so the
> vacuum drawing the fuel past the jet remains fairly constant as throttle
> position changes.
> You may not be noticing too much difference between your needles because
> you are not pulling the needle to full extension when you are wide open at
> near max revs.  On CV type carbs I have found the greatest effect on
> jetting to be changes in restriction prior to the carb (i.e. air filters
> and air inlet temp etc.)
> Jetting carbs almost becomes unique to each engine, where and how it has
> been modified and where and how it is driven.  (ps I live in cool dry air
> at about 2800 ft.)


I think I'll get that SU manual.  I have noticed that after changing to
#5 needles, I have a smooth power range untio I reach about 4500 RPM. 
The engine suddenly bogs. If I lift up slightly on the accelerator, it
picks back up and continues to accelerate.  This "flat spot" can
probably be corrected by changing to a slightly different set of
needles.. But Which ones, he asks????

The saga continues.

Joe Curry   '63 Spit (1500 high compression power)

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