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Re: TR4A IRS Alignment

To: "Jim Jones" <>, <triumphs@Autox.Team.Net>
Subject: Re: TR4A IRS Alignment
From: "Kevin Andrews" <>
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997 18:18:43 -0500
Now let me see if I can get this. You are having a problem with the rear
settling and can't get a good reading on the camber and toe after it is
jacked up. Now I have never had that problem when I did the 250 and some
6's on my rack. Had a 4A IRS also on it and no problem. Did the guy slide
the rear plates all the way in before leting the car down. An alignment
rack should always have free moving plates. If it done it on your car just
imagine the new Buick LeSaber and Park Avenue they really slide the rear
plates out but you have to slide the plates all the way in to keep it from
coming out to its maxium(plates that is). If this guy done it on all the
new cars with independant rears I don't want to even think about what he
tells all those customers.
        The readings that my FMC book gives 1/2 deg. positive camber for the 
and about 1/16 toe in.this is without weight. The rear it also gives 1/2
positive camber and 0 toe.
        Hope some of this helps.
Kevin Andrews
Siler City,NC
TR-250's (CD2908LO)

> From: Jim Jones <>
> To:
> Subject: TR4A IRS Alignment
> Date: Thursday, November 13, 1997 10:06 PM
> Since I am active duty military, I took the TR4A IRS into the local craft
> shop for a four wheel alignment.  They have a nice Hunter alignment
> and seem to do a good job.  However the wheels, as you know have a toed
> camber attitude after the car is jacked up.  My experience is that it has
> to roll a ways before staightening out.  No amount of bouncing would
> the slide plates to move enough to let the wheels straighten out.  This
> the rear wheels.  This precluded a four wheel alignment, but they tried
> just the front wheels.
> The Hunter book readings said that I had to add anything from 1/2 to
> of thickness to my shims.  This is not possible as the bolts aren't that
> long.  Even the mechanic thought that was a little excessive. So I had to
> settle for adjustment of the toe in on the front wheels.
> What's wrong and how can I fix it.
> Jim Jones
> 67 tr4A IRS

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