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Spit ignition switch and such

To: triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Spit ignition switch and such
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 21:13:38 -0800
I have a little problem with the ignition switch in my Spitfire.

Let me preface this query by saying that my Haynes manual does not adequately 
address my 
model of Spitfire(74) on this issue ... only later years, for some reason.

My ignition switch is the kind located low on the column, with an integrated 
wheel locking  mechanism.  The other day, I could not get the key to advance 
past the 
very first *click,* so I couldn't turn over the engine.  Having removed one of 
bracket bolts holding the switch to the column, it now works - most of the time 
- but I 
can't seem to gain access to the other bolt to take the switch fully off the 
column to 
explore the situation further.  Do I need to do lotz more dismantling?

On another (unrelated) issue, I just got the car back from the alignment guys, 
though it wasn't far off to begin with, the improvement is quite noticeable.  
Now I'm 
getting additional speed from a nice smooth roll.  I bring this up only to 
remind folks 
that if your car doesn't go DEAD EVEN STRAIGHT with your hands off the wheel, 
you are 
giving up speed (and tread) to some cross-eyed tires!

Martin Secrest
74 Spitfire
73 GT6

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