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"TR4" badge on boot (trunk) lid

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Subject: "TR4" badge on boot (trunk) lid
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 14:58:26 -0500 (EST)
ALL TR4 OWNERS who care about such things.

Len Drake wrote:

> I am restoring a TR4 CT 16240 and have a couple
> of questions:
 ---snip ---
> 3. Did all early TR4's have the TR4 badge on the trunk lid?

My answer was "Yes, as far as I know ..."  But Chip Old (CT3154 -an early
'62) said that he thought the early TR4's didn't have the badge.
So I went back to researching:  My results follow:

It appears that some early TR4's might not have had the badge on the boot
lid.  This is verified by:

1) A series of "Road and Track" and "Car and Driver" photos which I have.
 All the photos were from road tests of TR4's in 1962 and '63.  

2) The TR shop manual diagrams do not show the badge in the boot (trunk)
section BUT do show the badge in the "sealing" section.  Hmmm.

3) My TR4 CT33118L was built 14 May '64 and had the badge when new.

Len's and Chip's cars were built in 1962 (Comm #'s CT2649 through CT18605
were built that year).  Since both L.&C.'s cars appear to have no badge NOR
the holes where the badge would have been, the badges might have became
standard in late '63 or '64.  Now this is deduction, boys and girls.  To nail
this baby down we need a look at several things.

So far we have CT 3154 and CT 16240 (both built in '62) without a TR4 badge
on the boot lid.  And CT 33118L (built 14 May'64) with a badge. 

SO how about you TR4 folks with an original lid checking and seeing what you
have?  Do you have the badge and, if not, are the holes drilled for it?
 Thanks all.

OOPS. Just received Darrell Leach's post.  His numbers (CT5368 and 13108)
fall in between Len's and Chip's.  HERE WE GO AGAIN.

  Maybe the dealers here in the states put on the badges in '62 or maybe the
factory only put them on when they felt like it or had some on hand.  Any
ideas?  BTW my car ('64) rolled out of the factory with the badge - as well
as a wood facia panel (dash).  Go figure.  :-)  Curiouser and curiouser !!

Art Kelly '64 TR4 CT 33118L (original owner)
VTR TR4 vehicle consultant

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