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Re: Moral dilemma

To: Bollen <>
Subject: Re: Moral dilemma
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 1997 18:07:03 -0800
Cc: triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
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Bollen wrote:
> John Schroth wrote:
> >
> > Advice needed on a Triumph Moral Dilemma:
> > I have a '76 Spit that I've been restoring/driving for 5 years.  Looks
> > great, but the body is mostly mud.  The motor is currently dis-assmebled
> > and in need of new connecting rods and bearings (from an unfortunate oil
> > presure problem).  I also have a disassembled '77 spit that is my source of
> > parts.
> > I received a call yesterday from a friend who is offering an '80 TR7 conv.
> > with 10K orig. miles.  The car has sat since around '84.  Body is perfect,
> > but it needs a floor.
> > I only have room for one "project" car.
> > Should I:
> > A - pass on the TR7 and rebuild the Spit.
> > B - Sell off the Spit and all associated parts and take the TR7.
> > C - Complete the motor on the Spit and then sell it and all accoc. parts,
> > then take the TR7.
> > Any insight would be appreciated.
> Only 10K- grab it, scew the spit! (then do the V-8 conversion.) Stu

Hmm.  Let's see -- the suggestion is to *screw* the Spit, but take in its place 
a TR7, 
which needs a new floor, and THEN put a new engine in the TR7.  But the Spit 
has a bad 
body AND engine. Whoa -- I'm getting dizzy.

 Actually, I don't like either alternative, but putting new rods and bearings 
in the 
Spit ought to be easier than putting a new floor in the TR7.  (By the way, is 
really the only thing wrong with the 7?)

And is there a Door Number 3?

Martin Secrest
73 GT6
74 Spitfire

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