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Re: Getting in gear

To: Andrew Lindeman <>
Subject: Re: Getting in gear
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 1997 18:10:44 -0800
Cc: triumphs@Autox.Team.Net
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Andrew Lindeman wrote:
> While working on my Spitfire today something very bad happened.  I pulled up
> to the local Checker Auto parts, to pick up some RainX and flat black paint.
> When I came out of the store I couldn't get the car in to reverse.  I pushed
> it back a few feet, put it in first and drove away.  I pulled it in to the
> local high school's Driver's Ed track.  I played with the transmission in
> here, every other gear went in smooth.  I checked the fluid, everything
> seemed fine.  I even started rolling the car back a little, still no luck.
> Any ideas of what to check/test next?
> Andy Lindeman
> 1970 Spitfire
> 1996 VW Jetta (For Sale!)
> P.S.  I pulled apart my passenger side door today, to try and figure out why
> my window wouldn't roll down.  I found two towels stuffed in the bottom of
> the door.  I checked the regulator, everything seemed sturdy.  I didn't
> notice any rattling or anything unusual driving around latter.  Anyone have
> any ideas why there were there?  Maybe it was a good spot to store towels
> for washing?

Somebody was probably trying to soak up the rain wash "before it rusted 
the inside of the door."  Sheez -- why didn't I thinkathat?

Martin Secrest
73 GT6
74 Spitfire

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